let's you go beyond the velvet rope.

HollyGold is an innovative entertainment company that produces films and creates bespoke cinematic experiences for members around the world. 


HollyGold invites you to go beyond the velvet rope and become part of the magic of Hollywood. Our members have unique access to experiences that have always been closed to the general public until now.


With a diverse board of industry veterans, we’re able to provide unprecedented access to exclusive events including red carpet movie premieres, backstage access to film sets, VIP Hollywood after parties, celebrity meet and greets, guest roles in feature films and TV series, VIP fine dining packages, and the ability to collaborate on future film and TV projects. 


Never before have fans of cinema been able to participate in the exhilarating world of movie magic quite like this.

Film Production

HollyGold produces full feature films along with TV series. From massive studio hits to small budget indie flicks, we're able to cater to whatever style of storytelling our projects need.


Our team has been producing celebrity filled movie premiers and Hollywood afterparty for decades. By partnering with top talent we're able to provide the most exclusive events this side of the Hills.


From VIP parties to exclusive walk on roles in films, HollyGold offers unique cinema inspired experiences for people all around the world.

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